Quality Measurement

Quality Measurement at the AAP

The commitment to quality health care is implicit in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) mission to promote the health and well-being of all children. Recognizing that payers, health plans, ACOs, consumers, and physicians are utilizing quality measures in various forms to improve the overall quality of care, the AAP supports quality measures that promote child health and can be used for value-based payment.

While the AAP does not engage in measure development, we do promote the following criteria for assessing the relevancy of pediatric quality measures:

  • Representative of what pediatricians can do to impact and promote the health of every child.

  • Evidence based or informed.  

  • Feasible for pediatricians and those who care for children to collect.

  • Reflect the diversity of pediatric care and cover the broad range and complexity of pediatrics within a social determinants context. 

Child Health Measures

The AAP has identified a preliminary pediatric primary care measure set that promotes what pediatricians can do to advance child health and development within a system of value-based payment.  Included in this set are the following measures that have already been developed and included in other national measure sets:

  • Developmental Screening in the 1st Three Years of Life

  • Well-Child Visits in Adolescents

  • Childhood Immunization Status

  • Adolescent Immunization Status

  • Appropriate treatment for children with URI

  • Child and adolescent major depressive disorder: suicide risk assessment

  • Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children/Adolescents (WCC)

These measures can be used to identify gaps in care which can be decreased through quality improvement strategies.  Furthermore, this measure set creates a standard against which pediatric clinicians can be assessed and appropriately reimbursed. The measure set is intended to evolve and expand over time as clinicians’ reach established payor goals. 

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