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QuIIN and American Board of Pediatrics Part 4 Maintenance of Certification

QuIIN: Home to national pediatric improvement networks


In November 2012, the AAP was granted Portfolio Sponsorship from the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). As a Portfolio Sponsor, the Academy reviews an​d approves its own projects for Part 2 (evidence of lifelong learning and self-assessment) and Part 4 (performance in practice) MOC credit. The Portfolio Program is housed in the AAP Division of Quality and overseen by the AAP Quality Cabinet, a group of executive leadership.

For more informati​on about the AAP MOC Portfolio Program click here.

QuIIN and MOC​ Part 4

Members of the QuIIN Network will have the opportunity to meet ABP MOC Par​t 4 requirements when they participate in QuIIN quality improvement projects approved through the AAP MOC Portfolio Program.

QuIIN follows the ABP Standards for Quality Improvement (QI) Projects Seeking Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Approval ( as the gold standard for designing and implementing selected QuIIN projects.​ Although not all QuIIN projects are eligible for Part 4 MOC credit, the goal is for the majority of improvement projects, such as Safe and Healthy Beginnings, to meet the rigors established by the ABP.


QuIIN Projects App​roved for MOC Part 4​

Additional Inform​ation

Additional information about ABP MOC requirements are available on the ABP Web site at
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