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Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro [Paperback]

David L. Hill, MD, FAAP

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All fathers have heard it before—having a baby really changes your life. And maybe they felt like David L. Hill, MD, FAAP, author of Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro. Dr Hill is a dad himself and a pediatrician in practice. Inside this practical yet humorous book, dads and dads-to-be will find helpful information on topics such as

  • Infant and child development
  • Baby basics such as crying, sleeping, pooping, and eating
  • Everyday illnesses and what to look for - fevers, ear infections, colds, stomach bugs, and sore throats
  • A guide to vaccines, when to get them, and just what they're for
  • Sound advice to cope with toddlerhood and beyond

After reading Dad to Dad, fathers will feel more comfortable about fatherhood and have answers to day-to-day parenting issues at their fingertips.

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  • ISBN-13: 978-1-58110-650-3
  • Product Code: CB0069
  • Publication Date: April 6, 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 373
  • Trim Size: 9 inches x 6 inches x 0.7 inches
  • Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Availability: In Stock


David L. Hill, MD, FAAP

David Hill, MD, FAAP is a hospitalist pediatrician at Goldsboro Pediatrics, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council Management Committee, and Associate Editor of Pediatric Care Online Patient Education for the AAP. He writes and lectures nationally and internationally on pediatric topics including media use, fatherhood, and family separation.

Dan Tynan

Contributing editor, Family Circle; author; journalist; and father of 2

“You’d expect a book on parenting from someone with Dr Hill’s credentials

to be highly informative and well written. What might surprise you is that

it’s also really quite funny, as well as chock-full of practical “do this; don’t

do that” advice guys especially will appreciate. Becoming a new father can

be terrifying, but Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro will make the journey

seem not only manageable but actually kind of fun. I predict this book will

become as essential to new dads as What to Expect When You’re Expecting

is to new moms (and a lot more fun to read). And when it does, I hope

David will cut me in on the royalties. A man can dream, can’t he? I wish

I’d read this book before my children were born—and more importantly,

so do my wife and kids.”

Celia Rivenbark

Best-selling author of Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank

“Dad to Dad is the best book I’ve ever read on having and raising healthy

children. Armed with abundant humor and warmth, Dr David L. Hill

is the perfect pediatrician to guide nervous first-time parents through a

variety of dilemmas, real and imagined. The best part? His writing style

is never stodgy or technical but rather completely approachable and understandable.

Every parent should own this book. It’s like having a doctor in

the house!”

Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro [Paperback]

Price:: 14.95

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