Are you an NRP® instructor with:

  • An innovative method for conducting NRP® instructor led events?
  • A novel idea that improved the quality of an NRP provider course?
  • An interesting quality improvement initiative pertaining to some aspect of NRP?

In early 2018, many NRP instructors answered a call for abstracts that described their “bright idea” related to NRP. The brightest ideas were selected by NRP Steering Committee members and posters were displayed by their authors during a special time slot at the 2018 Current Issues Seminar in Orlando, Florida. Conference attendees agreed that this Bright Ideas session resulted in highly successful networking and an interesting exchange of ideas among NRP instructors from all over the US.

Now, NRP Bright Ideas returns in a continuous submission format, which allows NRP instructors to submit their Bright Ideas anytime. A Bright Ideas is not an academic research project or scientific study, but the description of an original idea that resulted in improvements or insights into anything NRP. Bright Ideas selected by NRP Steering Committee members will be posted in the NRP Instructor Toolkit and considered by the NRP administrative staff for presentation at NRP Live webinars.

Submit your Bright Idea here using the attached template.

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