Children are more vulnerable than adults in disasters and public health emergency situations, and they have specific needs for customized disaster planning. Pediatricians can use these resources, recommendations and tools to be better prepared to support and care for children affected by disasters. 


Disaster Preparedness Overview

Infants, children and adolescents have unique needs that must be considered in disaster management efforts. Pediatricians and others who may care for children have key roles to play in disaster preparedness, response and recovery to ensure these unique needs are met. The AAP provides resources for pediatricians and others to take strategic actions (personally and professionally) to support planning, provide services and play a leadership role in disasters and public health emergencies.  

AAP Recommendations

The AAP provides recommendations and guidelines to support pediatricians and other health care professionals working to ensure the health of children and adolescents is addressed in disaster planning and response. 

AAP Policies authored by the Council on Children and Disasters

The AAP has interim guidance specifically related to COVID-19, including guidance on surge.


Tools and Resources

The AAP has developed numerous resources designed to help pediatric health care providers, families and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from and disasters and other emergency situations. 

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AAP Council on Children and Disasters 
The Council on Children and Disasters develops policy statements, clinical reports and technical guidelines to encourage children’s needs to be considered and addressed in all aspects of disaster preparedness and recovery.
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