The Academy advocates for policies and programs that help ensure all children are vaccinated and that all communities are protected from devasting vaccine-preventable diseases.

Our Advocacy Priorities

Pediatricians are a key source of accurate, evidence-based information about vaccines for parents. AAP is leading efforts to counter vaccine misinformation, increase vaccine confidence, and emphasize the overall safety and efficacy of vaccinations. 

It is vital that all children and families can access vaccines, and the Academy is calling on policymakers to protect federal programs that make that possible. Ensuring appropriate payment for vaccine administration in pediatric practices is an essential to ensuring pediatric vaccine access. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Commercialization 

The Academy is undertaking extensive advocacy efforts focused on COVID-19 vaccine commercialization, ensuring pediatricians are supported and children can access the vaccine.  

These efforts include but are not limited to: 

  • urging prompt vaccine payment from payers once commercialization begins; 
  • flexible ordering policies for COVID-19 vaccines; 
  • liberal return policies for expired doses; 
  • improved labeling of vaccine vials; and,
  • longer invoice and payment schedules so pediatricians are paid for vaccines they purchased before they have to place additional orders.  

In addition, the Academy has called for increased flexibility for pediatricians participating in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program as well as ensuring that pediatricians can be paid for immunization counseling, whether a vaccine has been administered or not, for all VFC-eligible children, not only for Medicaid-enrolled beneficiaries. 

RSV Advocacy 

The AAP released guidance for the new RSV product nirsevimab, and is leading advocacy efforts to make it possible for as many eligible infants as possible to access it equitably in hospitals, birthing centers and pediatric practice settings.  

Importantly, the Academy is urging federal leaders to provide solutions that make it feasible for pediatricians to offer this expensive product – at a time when pediatrician practices are already bracing for the impact of COVID-19 vaccine commercialization, which will involve upfront costs and new logistics to manage.  

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