​​​These training modules and guides were created to help you prepare for and present the legislative advocacy training curriculum in an easy-to-follow and uniform format. A trainer guide accompanies each of the modules and provides prompting questions you can use to encourage participation and input, tips for presenting the training content, and suggestions on timing.

The AAP Advocacy Guide​ is designed to make it easier for you to advocate for children and pediatricians. It includes tips, tools, and real-life examples from other pediatricians about how you can use your voice to create positive and lasting change as an individual with patients and families, in your community, through your chapter and in your state, and at the federal level.

Please feel free to modify the presentations to fit the needs of your program. The training modules were designed as stand-alone trainings and do not need to occur sequentially. However, starting with the Overview of the Legislation Process module is recommended. This module will help pediatric residents get comfortable with basic skills outlined in subsequent modules. Each module is designed to take about 45 minutes, incorporate "real time" learning, and be fun and interactive.​