The Blueprint for Children was published in advance of Election Day 2020 and makes clear how much is at stake for children. It reflects on the State of Children in 2020 and recommends policies to promote healthy children, support secure families, build strong communities, and reclaim America’s role as a leading nation for youth.

Building on the Blueprint, the Academy recently issued the Transition Plan: Advancing Child Health in the Biden-Harris Administration. Read the transition plan here.

The State of Children in 2020

In 1984, the Billings Gazette asked children what they thought life would be like in 2020.1 Seventh-grader Stacy Roller predicted robots would cook our meals, make our beds, and brush our teeth. Eleven-year-old Trista Borchardt dreamed of video games that would blur reality, “where we could jump into the TV and sing with the video stars.” Allyson O’Loughlin, a ninth grader, even imagined the future of health care: “I think there will be new medical breakthroughs, such as a cure for the common cold, saving many more people from cancer.”…

A Child Health Policy Agenda for 2020 and Beyond