Making an impact – one community at a time

For 30 years, the CATCH program has empowered pediatricians to make a difference – one community at a time. By providing seed money, technical support, and networking and mentoring opportunities, the CATCH program has affected the careers of 1900 pediatricians by enabling them to be initiators of collaborative community projects. Read about the impact CATCH has made on these past grantees.

Mary “Katie” Keown, MD, FAAP

2019 Planning grantee – Project: Healthy Kids NYC

“The CATCH program has helped to launch my community initiatives and I can't recommend it enough. In fact I do recommend it often to colleagues, trainees, and community partners.”

Gunjan Tiyyagura, MD, FAAP

2020 Implementation grantee – Project: A Family Centered Approach to Domestic Violence

“One of the most valuable experiences in my research/clinical career to participate in true community-engaged research.”

Headshot of Miranda Nortey

Miranda Nortey, DO, FAAP

2020 Resident grantee – Project: Improving School Attendance at Finch Elementary

"Our experience working with CATCH has been extremely positive and we are grateful for the grant because we were able to start effecting change in the community that we serve."

Mary Ann Rigas, MD, FAAP

2020 Planning grantee - Project: Healthy Food, Healthy Families

“I learned so much about resources that already existed and was able to facilitate connections between partners that I hope will lead to improved nutrition and health across our community.”

Headshot of Ryan Spotts

Ryan L. Spotts, MD, FAAP

2020 Implementation grantee – Project: Cooking With The Community

“I absolutely love the CATCH program. We all learned a lot and really look forward to applying this knowledge towards continued efforts in the community.”

Headshot of Sara Shank

Sara Shank, MD, FAAP

2019 Resident grantees – Project: Fostering Creativity: Healthy Lessons for Life

“Being part of a project that promotes creativity, self-expression and wellness for children was an honor."

Sharanya Joginpalli, MD, FAAP

2019 Resident grantees – Project: Fostering Creativity: Healthy Lessons for Life

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a recipient of this grant and make a change in the lives of children!”

Bhanu Muniyappa, MD, FAAP

2020 Planning grantee – Project: The Child Safe, Always

“This was wonderful experience and is a much-needed resource in our community. The pandemic…required adapting our project to meeting the new needs of the community in a time of social distancing and pandemic precautions. Ultimately the online safety center is likely a much more useful platform that will reach more people and have a wider reaching impact. This would not have materialized without the challenges we encountered.”

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