Advocacy is part of the daily work of pediatricians, speaking up for children and making sure they have all they need to be healthy. Educating families and your eligible patients on the importance of voting can be part of this work.   

As a first step, get to know your institution's policies to understand what you are able to do as an individual, pediatrician or an administrator. 

Use Vot-ER Resources to Encourage Patients to Learn About Voting 

The AAP is partnering with Vot-ER – a nonpartisan, health professional-driven organization working to integrate civic engagement into healthcare. They have partnered with over 500 hospitals, clinics, and other organizations to help tens of thousands of Americans register and prepare to vote.  

Request a Voter Registration Badge

Use a Vot-ER badge to give eligible patients and families an opportunity to access a nonpartisan voter registration platform in the hospital or clinic. 

Conversation Starters About Voting

Learn about research backed, non-partisan dialogue for how to discuss voting with both your eligible patients and families.  

Other Resources & Ideas 

  • Some states allow 16- and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote. Check to see if your state is one of them here.
  • Give your staff and trainees time to vote on election day or resources for absentee voting in your state.
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