AAP chapters can participate in nonpartisan voter engagement activities, including voter registration, voter education, and Get Out the Vote efforts. As the election approaches, AAP chapters may wish to:

  • Include voting related messaging and election information in chapter communications, including information on deadlines, and absentee/mail-in ballots.
  • Encourage member participation in state candidate forums, including publicizing dates, times, and virtual locations
  • Create a list of state-specific candidate questions for members to ask of candidates.
  • Utilize social media to provide public-facing, nonpartisan messaging about the importance of this year's election for children, including how important this election is in addressing health iniquities in your state
  • Work with residency programs and coalition partners in your state on local GOTV projects 
  • Publicize voter assistance services in your state, such as organizations offering translation or transportation assistance
  • Promote voter protection resources, such as those offered by 866-OUR-VOTE
  • Above all, remind members and families what is at stake in this election for children and how raising their voices now is so critically important. Children are counting on us; vote like their future depends on it.