While voting for candidates who support children's health and well-being should be straightforward, being ready to cast your ballot takes a few steps:

  • Voters in every state must be registered to vote and, if voting in-person, you must vote at your assigned polling location.
  • All states also allow for absentee ballots/voting by mail, although some states require a rationale for doing so, and states may also have deadlines by which time an absentee/mail-in ballot must be requested and then returned.
  • Many states also have early voting, whereby voters can submit their ballots in-person prior to election day at a time that is more convenient for them.
  • If you are voting in-person, remember to request time off to vote.
  • Voting laws in some states have changed, and so it is important that voters understand their rights and responsibilities. More information here.

You can also visit Vote.org or your state's election office directly to:

  • Find any information or documentation requirements for voter registration
  • Register to vote or check your registration
  • Find your polling place
  • Request an absentee/mail-in ballot
  • Learn about early voting options (if applicable in your state)
  • Find all related voting deadlines

It is best to ensure you are ready to vote well in advance of the November 8 election. Voting this year is critical, so be prepared!