When sending social media for advocacy, research to see if there is a hashtag used by fellow advocates online. Many organizations monitor hashtags to amplify advocacy messages. Use #EndGunViolence with social media for gun violence prevention. 

Below are sample social media messages that can be customized with your own information.

To find your elected official’s social media handles, it’s best to go to their .gov website. 

  • I am a pediatrician in {CITY, STATE} and I am asking {ELECTED OFFICIAL TWITTER HANDLE} to take commonsense steps to address gun violence as a public health issue and keep children, families and communities safe. #EndGunViolence 
  • Gun violence is a public health crisis that jeopardizes children's health and safety, and communities of color are being disproportionately harmed by gun violence. #EndGunViolence 
  • I have treated children who have been injured and killed by firearms and seen the lasting effects on their families and communities. {ELECTED OFFICIAL TWITTER HANDLE}, as a constituent I ask you to prioritize and pass meaningful gun safety policies. 

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