The Partnership for Policy Implementation (PPI) was established to increase the ability of pediatricians to implement AAP recommendations at the point of care. PPI operates by assigning a medical informatician/pediatrician to work with the lead author(s) and/or guideline subcommittee to help produce clear guidance on how pediatricians can implement recommendations in practice. PPI also works to ensure that AAP recommendations can be easily incorporated within electronic health record (EHR) decision support systems. ​ 

The PPI Program

  • Helps guideline committee or policy author(s) incorporate implementable language into recommendations so they are actionable, decidable, and executable. 

  • Works to develop an algorithm that will define how recommendations or key points are to be carried out at the point of care (where appropriate). 

  • Identifies and clearly defines key terms and assure consistent language within the policy. 

  • Establishes and builds upon a common pediatric language for information-management systems that will allow health information technology (HIT) systems to be integrated and interoperable. 

Take a look at this brief Introduction to PPI video to hear about how the PPI process enhances AAP clinical guidance.


Current PPI Members 

Stephen M Downs, MD FAAP - Chairperson 
William Adams, MD FAAP
Mhd Wael Alrifai, MD, MS, FAAP
Juan D. Chaparro, MD, MS, FAAP 
Alex Fiks MD, FAAP 
Randall Grout, MD, FAAP
Lauren Hess, MD, FAAP
Christoph Lehmann, MD FAAP 
Michael Leu, MD, MS, MHS, FAAP 
Eneida Mendonça, MD PhD FAAP 
Jeremy Michel, MD, MHS, FAAP
Heather O'Donnell, MD, FAAP 
Mona Sharifi, MD, MPH, FAAP
Andy Spooner, MD MS FAAP 

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