The following social media messaging may be used to advocate for Tobacco 21 laws in your state:

  • Although the federal government passed a Tobacco 21 law in 2019, states must enact their own bans to ensure this policy can be adequately enforced. It’s vital that every state takes action to keep teens away from tobacco products.

  • One important first step in the fight to end youth tobacco use is ensuring retailers cannot sell these harmful products to children and adolescents. That’s why I support Tobacco 21 laws.

  • Easy access to tobacco products leads to more young people starting to use them and increases the chances they become addicted. Implementing and enforcing Tobacco 21 laws will ensure retailers cannot sell these products to children under 21 and will help protect them from the dangers they pose.

  • 85% of those who use tobacco daily begin before age 21. Tobacco 21, or laws raising the minimum legal sales age to 21, helps to prevent young people from starting to use tobacco products. This policy can make a real difference in the fight against tobacco.

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