The Committee on Pediatric Research (COPR) makes policy recommendations to the Board of Directors on various aspects of child health research such as identifying major research questions, promoting funding for pediatric research and monitoring the status and practice of including children in federally sponsored research studies. For information on including children in research, go to Children and Clinical Studies.

COPR develops and collaborates with other committees on policy statements and maintains liaison relationships with many national pediatric associations and federal agencies that have a strong interest in promoting child health research. 

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Committee Members

Tamera Coyne-Beasley, MD, FAAP
Birmingham, AL

Mitchell S Cairo, MD, FAAP
Armonk, NY

Eugenia Chan, MD, MPH, FAAP
Lexington, MA

Arvind Chandrakantan, MD, FAAP
Houston, TX

Tina L. Cheng, MD, MPH, FAAP
Cincinnati, OH

Michael deCastro Cabana, MD, MPH, FAAP
Bronx, NY

Angela Michelle Ellison, MD, FAAP
Philadelphia, PA

Emily Harris, MD
Brookline, MA

Lois Kaye Lee, MD, MPH, FAAP
Boston, MA

Aaron Michael Lopata, MD
Washington, DC

Kamila Mistry, PhD, MPH
Rockville, MD

Eliana M. Perrin, MD, FAAP
Baltimore, MD

Jessica N. Snowden, MD, FAAP
Little Rock, AR

Beth Anne Tarini, MD, MS, FAAP
Washington, DC

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