COCIT is committed to responding to the needs of its members and providing opportunities to meaningfully engage in the work of the Council. Much of the work of COCIT happens through a robust Subcommittee structure. Participating in a COCIT Subcommittee is a great way to enhance leadership skills and make a positive contribution to COCIT.

Nominations Subcommittee

Recruits and selects candidates to run for open seats on the COCIT Executive Committee.

Education Subcommittee

Focuses on developing the Council's educational programs for the AAP National Conference and Exhibition.

Webinars Subcommittee

The Webinars Subcommittee plans quarterly, one-hour webinars on a variety of topics in health IT, digital health, informatics, and AI/ML. Members identify webinar topics, recruit speakers, plan structure & content, host/moderate sessions, and prioritize collaboration with other AAP groups. Webinar planning rotates among subcommittee members.

Health IT Trends Subcommittee

Health IT Trends is a monthly column in AAP News. Subcommittee members work with COCIT staff to identify topics, recruit authors, and review drafts prior to submission to publication. You will also have opportunities to author columns if that's something you'd like to do! We expect the time commitment to be no more than one hour per month, with occasional web meetings.

COCIT Digest Subcommittee

The COCIT Digest is a quarterly newsletter focused on health IT issues and initiatives, along with resources that might be of interest to COCIT members. We are excited to revamp and revive this COCIT tradition! The COCIT Digest subcommittee identifies topics, recruits authors, and writes & review content. Time commitment is generally less than one hour per month, mostly in the form of email discussions and decision-making, with occasional (probably quarterly) web meetings. 

Member Engagement Subcommittee

Works to understand and engage COCIT members through the use of member data. Identifies opportunities to support and grow COCIT membership with tailored resources. 

If you would like additional information on current activities, please contact us.

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