The Council on Children with Disabilities Autism Subcommittee provides evidence-based guidance specific to caring for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and facilitates the translation of same into education, practice, policy and advocacy for pediatricians, caregivers, and the public.

Objectives of the Autism Subcommittee include the following:

  • Provide evidence-based guidance to pediatric primary care clinicians on screening, diagnosis, and management of children and youth with ASD.

  • Develop educational initiatives to build capacity among pediatric primary care clinicians who care for children and youth with ASD.

  • Increase awareness of evidence-based ASD guidance and recommendations for caregivers of individuals with ASD.

  • Provide guidance and direction for policy and advocacy initiatives that promote and support recommendations outlined in AAP ASD publications.

  • Promote health equity for children and youth with ASD and their families/caregivers.

Autism Subcommittee Members

Kristin Sohl, MD, FAAP
Columbia, MO

Robin Blitz, MD, FAAP
Scottsdale, AZ

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, MD, MPH, FAAP
Worcester, MA

Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP
Los Angeles, CA

Steven Merahan, MD, FAAP
Bronx, NY

Sara Swoboda, MD, FAAP
Boise, ID

Paul Carbone, MD, FAAP
Immediate Past Chairperson

Gyasi Burks-Abbott, MS
Autistic Individual Member
Bedford, MA

Hae Young Park, MPH
Liaison, Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Rockville, MD

Myriam Peralta, MD, FAAP
Section on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Members
Birmingham, AL

Karyl Rattay, MD, MS, FAAP
Liaison, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Atlanta, GA

Tametria Dantzler
Parent/Caregiver Representative
Montgomery, AL

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