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The AAP is the leading publisher of award-winning professional and consumer resources for pediatricians, child health professionals, parents, and more.

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AAP Publishing functions as a full-fledged “publishing house” within the overall AAP organization, with a dedicated staff of developmental editors, copyeditors, designers, and production specialists who develop award-winning books, journals, patient handouts, and digital resources. AAP Publishing works closely with our in-house Marketing and Sales​​ teams to promote and distribute its publications in the United States and internationally, including participation at more than 40 conferences annually. While the AAP is uniquely positioned to promote its publications to the strong and growing AAP membership of 67,000 pediatricians and to pediatric residency programs, our publishing and promotional efforts extend to other broad markets, including pediatric nurse practitioners, pediatric subspecialists, pharmacists, hospitalists, allied health professionals, and – of course – parents.

Professional & Clinical Publishing

The AAP is the leading publisher of professional and clinical resources for pediatricians and child health professionals. Our p​​ublications include essential policy manuals, in-depth clinical handbooks, and quick reference guides on a wide range of topics, including infectious diseases, dermatology, neonatology, behavioral health, signs and symptoms, emergency medicine, hospitalist practice, and many more. The AAP also offers a robust line of coding and other practice management resources.

Consumer Publishing (Books for Parents)

The consumer publishing program was created to provide quality educational information for parents and caregivers on a wide variety of health issues. From child care basics, to your child’s symptoms, nutrition, allergies, toilet-training strategies and more, we’ve got it covered for new and current parents!

Patient E​​ducation Publishing

AAP patient educational publications (print and electronic) have always been considered an extension of the pediatric visit and highly regarded by AAP members as an integral part of their health education efforts. AAP patient education publications are used worldwide to bridge the gap between professional knowledge and patient compliance.

Digital Publis​hing

The Digital Publishing group works at the forefront of digital association publishing to provide high-quality resources for professionals and parents. Our Solutions platform delivers highly sought publications such as Pediatric Care Online, Red Book Online, and Pediatric Coding Newsletter. The AAP eBooks platform provides online and mobile app access to the AAP Publishing line. We also produce an extensive line of mobile apps, videos, toolkits, and other digital publications.​ View our Accessibility Statement.

Submission Gu​​idelines

We are always scouting for new talent! Do you have a great concept for a clear audience? Time and focus to write a manuscript? Experience managing coeditors/coauthors? Then we want to hear from you! Contact us

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

The American Academy of Pediatrics is committed to principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in its publishing program. Editorial boards, author selections, and author transitions (publication succession plans) are designed to include diverse voices that reflect society as a whole. Editor and author teams are encouraged to actively seek out diverse authors and reviewers at all stages of the editorial process. Publishing staff are committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of publication writing, review, and production.


Do You Want to Publish with the AAP?

If you have a great concept for a clear audience, and the time and focus to be able to write a manuscript and/or manage a group of excellent coeditors/coauthors, we want to hear from you. It’s hard work, but also very rewarding to publish with the AAP.

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