Become an ICATCH Volunteer

ICATCH’s work hinges on the participation of volunteers. We invite you to consider joining our group in the important role of grant reviewer.

What ICATCH Reviewers Do

ICATCH reviewers participate in assessing grant applications and selecting those who receive grants each year. This activity consists of two major parts: reviewing grants via a web-based portal (each winter and spring) and participating in a one-day, 8-hour meeting to make final grant selections (in mid to late May). The total time commitment for this work is approximately 20 to 30 hours per year. This is the core work of an ICATCH volunteer.

We also ask that reviewers attend a once-monthly meeting with the entire ICATCH group. These meetings allow reviewers to hear updates on ICATCH, participate in decision-making, and coordinate reviewing.

Reviewer may also take on additional roles if they wish. These include participating in outreach, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and research tasks. In addition, ICATCH reviewers may serve as liaisons to current grantees, offering their technical advice and general support over the three-year grant period.

Who ICATCH Reviewers Are

ICATCH invites all interested health care professionals and workers in child health to apply.

To date, nearly all ICATCH reviewers have been pediatricians (ranging from general pediatricians to a variety of specialists and subspecialists). However, we accept others in adjacent fields, such as family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, nursing, and psychology. It is not required for ICATCH reviewers to be AAP members or fellows.

We strive for diversity in gender, racial/ethnic identity, national origin and current geographic location, and healthcare expertise. We are proud to have reviewers from Pakistan, El Salvador, South Africa, and Nigeria, as well as throughout the US. We welcome reviewers from anywhere in the world.

How to Join ICATCH

ICATCH completes new reviewer onboarding each autumn, in advance of our grant cycle each winter and spring. However, applications are open at any time.

To apply, send us a message using the Contact Us button below. In your message, include a brief message about your professional background, current practice (including your location), a description of your interest in ICATCH, and any information we need to contact you. We will be in touch with you regarding next steps.

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