The Section on Home Care (SOHCa) was established in 1994 and aims to educate pediatricians on topics related to pediatric home health care (PHHC).

The Section is dedicated to providing the general pediatrician and pediatric subspecialist with an understanding of the basic principles of and emerging developments in PHHC. In addition, the Section consults to the AAP Board of Directors on home care issues and works with the various AAP committees/councils/sections to provide comments on official Academy policy in this area. Membership in the Section is open to all Fellows of the Academy and affiliate members with an interest in home health care.

What is Home Care?

Home care is any kind of health care, personal care, or assistance with independent living given to functionally impaired, disabled, or ill persons in their own home. The goal is to improve the quality of life and keep the children out of the hospital (facility) and keep them safely at home.

Mission Statement

  1. To serve as a national resource in patient and family centered PHHC for Pediatricians, other health care professionals and families.
  2. To disseminate knowledge and share expertise in Pediatric home health care.
  3. To advocate for high quality, cost effective PHHC services for children and for the policies and resources necessary to provide those services. ​

AAP FamilY Partnerships Network

The FamilY Partnerships Network (FPN)​ is an advisory group to the AAP Board of Directors, which has a goal of developing and implementing a strategy to expand the opportunity for parent/family/youth input and participation in AAP activities and programs. The FPN is governed by an  Executive Committee comprised of family advisors representing various interests, experience, and perspectives. While the FPN was more recently established, the AAP has a long history of engaging families in its programs/activities as well as the establishment of the Parent Advisory Group under the Section on Home Care.​


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