Thank you for your interest in the American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Simulation and Innovative Learning Methods (SoSILM) MOC Part 4 project titled The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How in Clinical Event Debriefing (WHiCED).

The WHiCED pilot is expected to launch in 2022 and we anticipate a full project launch in early 2023.

If you are interested in launching a clinical event debriefing (CED) program at your facility and would like to participate in WHiCED, here are some considerations to start preparing for your participation in WHiCED at your local level:

  • Select a Clinical Event (CE) to Debrief
    • Conduct a formal or informal needs assessment of your clinical team.
      • What would your team like to debrief?
      • Consider tracking events related to national or local patient safety goals, systems-based cases, high stakes cases (M&M, RCA), identification of performance or knowledge gaps.
      • Determine a tracking mechanism for CE that you have chosen to debrief.
    • Engage your local quality improvement and legal teams to discuss the framework of performing CED in your clinical setting.
  • Build a CED Team
    • Identify local site CED leads and champions.
    • Partner with your patient safety and quality improvement networks.
    • Establish multidisciplinary teams.
    • Identify CED training needs. Consider working with simulation programs and members to practice your CED facilitation skill sets.
  • Cultivate a CED Culture
    • Create a value statement and goals.
      • Why is CED important? Why are we doing this?
    • Solicit buy-in with selecting a CE that the team is interested in debriefing.
    • Engage your CED champions in the process and in the sharing of information.
    • Set the stage for performing a technical performance debriefing and set-up psychological safety mechanisms early. Discuss with your local legal team.
      • Have a clear plan for distressed team members.
      • Provide contact information for members needing critical incident stress debriefing.
    • Determine how you will share and demonstrate findings, results, and progress from CED.
      • Create a structure for establishing and tracking action plans. Build teams and champions for identified action plans.
      • Showing progress and growth helps strengthen the purpose of conducting CED.

More tips and best practices for conducting CED will be available through the WHiCED project. We look forward to sharing these with you through the WHiCED project launch in 2023!

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