Mission Statement:

Improve the health of newborns by enabling the neonatology community to provide optimal care through education, research, and advocacy.

Vision Statement:

Healthy newborns, universal quality care, fulfilled professionals.




  • To provide for postgraduate trainees, neonatologists and members of the perinatal delivery team high quality educational offerings which foster lifelong learning in its members. 
  • To provide current and timely information in the areas of coding, relative values, managed care principles and practice management tools to assure fair and equitable reimbursement for perinatal-neonatal medicine.
  • To foster the development of evidence-based practice guidelines and outcomes research to identify for our members best practice styles in the provision of neonatal and perinatal care.
  • To support the enhancement of research efforts in the basic sciences which foster to the health and well-being of the fetus, the pregnant mother and the newborn infant.
  • To define the quantity and type of neonatal-perinatal training experiences which are essential for pediatricians who will be caring for the mother-child dyad of the 21st century.
  • To serve as a medical home and resource for all physicians and practitioners who maintain a major practice emphasis in perinatal-neonatal medicine. 
  • To serve as a resource for the Academy's Board of Directors and the many Committees and Sections of the Academy in the areas of fetal, maternal and neonatal health.
  • To serve as a local, regional and national lobbying group to mantain a high level of national awareness around issues which impact the health of pregnant mothers, their fetus and the newborn infant.

Core Values 

Tradition: We take pride in our history in pediatrics and the long history of contribution by our members; it is the foundation of our future. 

Global Health: We recognize that perinatal care requires cooperative and collaborative relationships with those who share our same values and beliefs. 

Professional Growth: We participate in a dynamic specialty, which demands personal dedication to an environment of lifelong learning. 

Scientifically Grounded: Future generations of mothers and children can be only served by a consistent investment in new ideas and innovative investigations. 

Dedication: We accept the challenge to seek and defend the social and medical needs of pregnant mothers and children they conceive and deliver. 

Equality: We seek to assure that those who dedicate their careers to the health and welfare of women and the newly-born child will receive a fair distribution of this country's health care resources. 

Camaraderie: We will create a professional organization in which all members feel valued and have the opportunity to participate in its activities, opportunities and leadership.


Our Strategic Plan