Our Goal

ONTPD’s goal is to provide mentorship, advocacy, resources and annual forums for PDs and APDs to communicate.



ONTPD runs an annual Boot Camp for all program directors to improve PD/APD skills. The Boot Camp focuses on challenging problems, regulatory requirements, fellow development and other difficulties that PD/APDs may face.

ONTPD also has a formal mentorship program for new program directors. New PDs are matched with experienced PDs to help navigate the first years of being a new PD.



ONTPD has two annual meetings for PD/APDs to gain skills, communicate with the ABP and ACGME, advocate for improvements in all Neonatology fellowship training programs and meeting other PD/APDs to share experience.

ONTPD meets in the fall at the AAP’s National Conference and Exhibition (NCE). A daylong conference provides updates from both the ABP and ACGME leadership and other speakers. A boot camp is held the day prior to the NCE meeting.  A smaller spring meeting is held at the Pediatric Academic Society and focuses on research resources and challenges.



ONPTD provides PD/APDs resources to better manage their fellowship. The National Neonatal Curriculum, a flipped classroom model of education, was started by members of ONTPD and continues to develop innovated educational resources for fellowships. The ONTPD listserve and executive counsel provides ACGME, ERAS, NRMP and ABP regulatory updates, fellow opportunities, and other information that PD/APDs need to know.  ONTPD also hosts a website that has fellowship quick links, job openings for graduation fellows, form and evaluation templates and fourth year fellowship opportunities.



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