Policy review and approval processes will vary by institution. Early in the policy drafting phase, members of the workgroup may want to confirm the policy approval process specific to their institution by contacting leadership in relevant departments. Depending on the scope of the policy, it may require approval from residency program directors, HR leaders, a board of directors, and/or CEO.  

Once a policy is approved at your institution, make sure all resources needed are in place (i.e., dedicated place to pump, buy-in from supervisors to allow for protected time, supplies, etc.). When ready to disseminate the policy to medical trainees, consider the following ideas:

  • Present the policy at GME and medical student orientation to inform medical trainees of the support available
  • Promote the policy at other meetings such as grand rounds or program director meetings
  • Share on residency and fellowship program social media channels
  • List the policy on your medical residency website as one of the benefits of your program
  • Provide a “Returning to Work” handbook with the policy and resources when a medical trainee goes out on maternity/paternity leave
  • Discuss the breastfeeding/lactation rights at work policy at all new hire onboardings
  • Train residency and fellowship directors and faculty members about the breastfeeding policy including state and federal laws
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