Hear from the experts about how to support students who have sustained a concussion to get them safely back to learning. 


Introduction to Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) aka Concussions

Learn about the signs and symptoms of a concussion and how to support students on the road to recovery.

Return to School and Learn following a Concussion

Learn about the important role of pediatricians and primary care physicians play in the interdisciplinary team which supports students with concussions through recovery and safely return to school and learning.

Return to Activity and Play

Learn about the return to activity and play progression for student athletes and non-athletes.

Return to Learn Guidance for Emergency Department and Urgent Care Providers

Learn how emergency and urgent care physicians can support students in Return to Learn following a concussion.

Return to Learn following a Concussion: Guidance for Parents

This video speaks directly to parents and shares information to help support their student from diagnosis to returning to school, learning and play.

Volver a Aprender Después de una Conmoción Cerebral: Orientación para Padres

Las conmociones cerebrales pueden ser aterradoras, pero tener la información para apoyar a su estudiante desde el diagnóstico hasta el regreso a la escuela, al aprendizaje y al juego

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