The AAP Council on Children and Disasters hosts DisasterCast, brief educational videos intended for pediatric health care providers, featuring advice from pediatricians about caring for children impacted by disasters.

Note: The information, content, and conclusions are those of the faculty/panelist at the time of the recording and should not be construed as the official policy of the AAP or position of their institutions.


Episode 1: Family Reunification Planning

Learn the key elements of family reunification plans and practical tips to improve reunification readiness.


Episode 2: Chemical and Biological Incidents

Review strategies for addressing times when children are exposed to hazardous agents, including pediatric decontamination.


Episode 3: Preparing for Wildfires

Listen to expert advice on responding to wildfires in your area.


Episode 4: Hurricane Preparedness

Gain tips on hurricane preparedness for pediatric practices, including how to help families plan ahead.


Episode 5: School Violence with Mass Casualties

Learn how to help schools prepare for school violence and support the mental health needs of students and staff after an event.


Episode 6: Climate Change

Find out more about climate change and its impact on the health and well-being of children.


Episode 7: Pediatric Triage and Tagging

Review how to be prepared for surges in patients at any time, in any care setting.


Episode 8: Planning for Civil Unrest

Find out more about how planning with community partners before large events can help mitigate effects of civil unrest on the health of children.


Episode 9: Pediatric Readiness for American Indian and Alaska Native Children

Learn about addressing pediatric readiness and caring for American Indian and Native Alaskan children.


Episode 10: Crisis Standards of Care

Learn the key elements of crisis standards of care in pediatric disaster planning.


Episode 11: Responding to International Disasters

Listen to advice and tips on responding to international disasters.


Episode 12: COVID-19 Transition from Pandemic to Endemic

Gain an understanding of the evolving status of COVID-19 and its impact on pediatric health care.


Episode 13: Children with Special Health Care Needs in Disaster

Review approaches to help families who have children with special health care needs prepare for disasters and emergency situations.

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