​On the day of the event for the tabletop exercise:

​Facilitator opens the event

The facilitator should explain the ground rules, purpose, scope and objectives of the pediatric tabletop exercise to the participants.

​Conduct the exercise ​

The scenario will be presented to the group. Small groups will meet to discuss the scenario, including their response, roles, and responsibilities. After an allotted time for the small group discussions, participants will report their discussion results to the entire group. This process will be repeated as more modules to the scenario are presented.

​Debrief the day's events

​Perform a “hotwash" at the end of the exercise to debrief the day's events and elicit feedback. A hotwash is the immediate evaluation or discussion by participants following an exercise, training or major event. Conclusions or suggestions shared can be used to improve future exercises and related scenarios.

​Distribute a post-exercise survey ​

The survey can be distributed in paper form and collected at the end of the exercise or sent via email to participants after the exercise.

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