Developed by an AAP multidisciplinary panel of experts, Fostering Health has been designed for use by medical, mental health, and developmental health care professionals, as well as foster parents, social welfare agencies, members of the legal community, health insurance agencies, and policy makers.

Standards of health care for children and adolescents in foster care are detailed in 10 chapters. The members of the AAP Task Force on Foster Care hope that this manual will result in the integration of the health care plan with child welfare's permanency plan for each child or adolescent in foster care. For a copy please contact us until supplies last.

CHAPTER 1: Statement of Purpose

CHAPTER 2: Practice Parameters for Primary Health Care

CHAPTER 3: Practice Parameters for Developmental and Mental Health Care

CHAPTER 4: Practice Parameters for Child Abuse and Neglect

CHAPTER 5: Health Care Management

CHAPTER 6: Medical Consents for Children and Adolescents in Foster Care

CHAPTER 7: Confidentiality

CHAPTER 8: Qualifications of Health Care Professionals

CHAPTER 9: Quality Assessment and Improvement

CHAPTER 10: Health Care Financing for Children and Adolescents in Foster Care

Download the Fostering Health Executive Summary.

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