The following webinars provide information and educational resources related to caring for immigrant children. Click on the title of each webinar to view the recording.

Council on Immigrant Child and Family Health Town Hall

In this town hall webinar, the Council on Immigrant Child and Family Health introduces the executive committee liasions and staff, reviews legislative and advocacy updates, discusses the upcoming national conference and exhibition program and highlights how the council is organizing to better respond to concerns at the border that are affecting children's health and well-being.

Unaccompanied Children Current Legal, Policy, and Medical Consideration

This webinar reviews several topics related to caring for unaccompanied children, including proposals to improve the legal system immigrant children face when seeking protection in the US, how changes in policies regarding the care, custody and release of children from immigration custody may impact their health and identify opportunities to advance policies that protect children's health.

Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care–Children of Immigrant/Refugee Status

This webinar discusses the basic principles of pediatric trauma-informed care of children of immigrant or refugee status.

Tools Pediatricians Can Use to Advocate for Children & Families Who Have Immigrated

Examining the effect of immigration status on health, the positive impact of school-based programs & medical-legal partnerships and recommendations for online resources pediatricians can share with families.

Deportation: What Comes Next?

Information about opportunities to advocate with services & organizations that assist families in their new location after deportation.

Forensic Evaluations for Asylum Seekers

A review of how to obtain asylum in the US and understanding the purpose of forensic medical evaluations, including specific considerations for pediatric clients.

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