Chapter Grant Awardees

To date, the AAP has awarded grant funding to 34 chapters to provide education and training on infection prevention and control (IPC) using Project Firstline materials created by AAP and CDC. Supported chapter activities include:

  • Provide educational opportunities to the pediatric health care team
    • Webinars or town halls
    • ECHO programs
    • QI projects
    • In person demonstrations/interactive quizzes
  • Develop and disseminate resources to raise awareness
    • Social media
    • Update chapter website
    • Attend or plan conferences
    • Distribute IPC resources
    • Magazines and newsletters
  • Offer IPC support and expertise to practices
  • Identify new or continue to develop community partnerships

Click the drop-down below to view the AAP chapters bringing Project Firstline education and training to their communities.

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Ambassador Program

The IPC Ambassador Program is a partnership between AAP and AAP Chapters to nominate members who will provide leadership and subject matter expertise, engage community members and support chapter activities related to IPC. IPC Ambassadors are charged with identifying opportunities to increase education about IPC at the local and state level, and influence system/state-level changes to help promote IPC in the context of pediatric health care.

All IPC Ambassadors are required to participate in a 3-month bi-weekly ECHO learning collaborative. The goals of the ECHO are to:

  1. Form an ongoing collaborative to collectively address state-level IPC coordination that includes a focus on pediatrics.
  2. Identify opportunities in the state to increase partnerships to improve the health of children.

In addition to participating in the ECHO learning collaborative, IPC Ambassadors continue to work with chapter staff to assist in activities that may include:

  • Webinars or town halls
  • ECHO programs
  • Quality improvement collaboratives
  • Community engagement
  • Educational material development and/or distribution
  • Social media
  • Other educational efforts

The IPC Ambassador Program launched in 2021-2022. To view their accomplishments, click here.

Currently in its third year, our IPC Ambassadors represent a diverse group of members who come from a variety of workplace and geographical settings. Below are the 2023-2024 IPC Ambassadors. For more information please contact us.

2023-2024 Ambassadors

Helene Felman, MD

Arizona Chapter

Sean Elliott, MD

Arizona Chapter

Gary Wheeler, MD, MPS

Arkansas Chapter

Maya Lopez, MD

Arkansas Chapter

Kenneth Zangwill, MD

California 2 Chapter

Kaitlin Morain, MD

California 3 Chapter

Melissa Campbell, MD

California 3 Chapter

Matthew Zahn, MD

California 4 Chapter

Ted Maynard, MD, FAAP

Colorado Chapter

Kirsten Nelson, MD, FAAP

Colorado Chapter

Richard Martinello, MD

Connecticut Chapter

Ivan Gonzalez, MD

Florida Chapter

Allison Messina, MD

Florida Chapter

Ashlesha Kaushik, MD

Iowa Chapter

Patricia Pichilingue-Reto, MD, AAHIVS

Louisiana Chapter

Amanda Goddard, MD

Maine Chapter

Aarti Raheja, MD, FAAP

Michigan Chapter

Liz Beil, MD

Montana Chapter

Roopa Thakur, MD, FAAP

Ohio Chapter

Tibisay Villalobos, MD, FAAP

Pennsylvania Chapter

Patricia Rodriguez, MD

Puerto Rico Chapter

Michael Koster, MD

Rhode Island Chapter

Elizabeth Butler, MD, FAAP

Rhode Island Chapter

Leigh Bragg, MD

South Carolina Chapter

Vanessa Gonzalez, MD

Texas Chapter

Manuel Marin, MD

Texas Chapter

Joseph McBride, MD

Wisconsin Chapter

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