The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is thrilled to share with you a suite of infection prevention and control related quality improvement resources from the AAP Infection and Prevention and Control Quality Improvement ECHO (Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes) program (AAP IPC QI ECHO)!

Project ECHO is a telementoring program designed to create communities of learners by bringing together primary care practices and an expert team using didactic and case-based presentations, fostering an “all teach, all learn” approach. Practices who participated in the AAP IPC QI ECHO demonstrated improved knowledge, skills and self-efficacy around infection prevention and control strategies to mitigate infection transmission utilizing quality improvement strategies in the practice setting.

Pediatric practices can repurpose this change package for their own quality improvement projects to help improve IPC practices.

Resources include:

  • Project checklist
  • Sample curriculum and timelines
  • Tried and tested QI measures
  • Data collection spreadsheet for visualizing improvements
  • Example PDSAs, 5 Whys, Fishbone diagram
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