Join us in educating healthcare workers on foundational infection prevention and control (IPC) practices to protect patients and families from infectious diseases. 

As a Project Firstline partner, the AAP is committed to expand and strengthen the capacity, collaboration and coordination of pediatric health care providers. Our goal is to improve the health of all children and their families. 

How Can You Promote Infection Prevention Among Healthcare Providers?

  • Use this toolkit to raise awareness about the role of all health care providers in preventing and controlling diseases. 
  • Share free training and information from the AAP Project Firstline.

Why is Outreach and Engagement Important for Evidence-Based Care?  

Providing accessible, trustworthy information to health care teams facilitates collaborative planning and informed decision-making that are central to evidence-based care. 

This toolkit is designed to support  you in communicating with health care providers. By engaging in training to provide evidence-based practices you are making a significant contribution to increasing dissemination of IPC practices and ensuring patients and their families are safer.  

What is Included in This Toolkit?  

  • Action Planning Self-Assessment: Reflect on questions that can help your team consistently improve its community outreach and engagement.
  • Materials: Use branded social media posts, videos and shareable training materials to grab the attenion of health care providers on how to incorporate IPC in their everyday actions.  
  • Content Guide: This guide includes sample messaging, additional resources and a social media calendar. You can use the sample messages as is or customize them to fit the people you're talking to.

Infection Prevention and Control Toolkit

Social Media Graphics

Cleaning and Disinfection Keep Germs From Spreading

Open Communication is Critical for Safety

You Play an Important Role in Preventing the Spread of Diseases

Control the Spread of Infections

A Safer Environment is a Daily Commitment

Use the Cycle of Change to Improve Safety Outcomes

Air Filtration is Key for a Safe Work Environment

Levels of Infection Control Measures

How Can You Protect Yourself When Caring for a Patient Who May Have a Contagious Disease?

Customizable Canva Graphics

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Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

Shareable Training Materials


How Can We Implement Evidence-Based Change?

How Can I Control Infection Risks in My Practice?

How Can I Make Sure My Clinic’s Ventilation System is Effective?


How Can I Implement Evidence-Based Change?

How Can I Make Sure My Clinic’s Ventilation System is Effective?


How Can I Implement Evidence-Based Change?

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