Influenza Vaccine Efficacy

Influenza vaccines are a safe and effective way to prevent serious symptoms, hospitalization, and deaths due to influenza related illness.

Annual studies are conducted to determine how well the influenza vaccine will protect against influenza illness. Although the effectiveness of the vaccine can vary from season to season, studies have shown the influenza vaccine reduces the risk of influenza illness by 40% to 60% among the overall population during seasons when most circulating influenza viruses are well-matched to the vaccine.

Influenza vaccines reduce the burden of influenza illnesses, hospitalization, and deaths due to influenza viruses. Specific benefits of influenza vaccine for children include the following:

  • Helps prevent children from getting sick with influenza
  • Reduces severity of illness in children who get vaccinated but still get sick
  • Reduces the risk of influenza-associated hospitalizations
  • Serves as a preventive tool for children with chronic health conditions
  • Are lifesaving in children
  • Protects people around children (especially those working in child care and health care Practices)
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