Use the following social media resources to promote the Family Media Use Plan tool, as well as additional research and videos regarding the importance of media use plans for children and adolescents. 

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Follow @AmerAcadPeds and @HealthyChildren for messages to share.

New tool from @AmerAcadPeds helps parents create a personalized Family Media Use Plan #DoGoodDigital

Design a Family Media Use Plan based on your child's age, health & activities #DoGoodDigital 

Learn how to create a Family Media Use Plan from Dr. David Hill in this video #DoGoodDigital 

Designate media-free times & locations for your family. More recommendations from @AmerAcadPeds #DoGoodDigital

Need help managing your kids' media time? Helpful tips from @Baby411  #DoGoodDigital


Worried about screen time? Customize a plan for your child's media use with a new tool. Find out by creating a personalized Family Media Use Plan for your family with this new tool from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Questions about screen time? New AAP policy statements outline recommendations for parents and pediatricians

In this video, Dr. David Hill explains how parents can set up a Family Media Use Plan using the tool to make sure media doesn’t get in the way of your child’s health.

Digital media offers opportunities and challenges for children. Dr. Ari Brown offers tips to parents on how to guide their children in the digital world. #DoGoodDigital. ‚Äč


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