American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) children and adolescents are a unique and diverse population with multiple health inequities, and pediatricians are in a special position to improve their health and well-being with culturally sensitive, family-centered care.

We have assembled a collection of policy and resources to help care for AI/AN youth.


Native American Child Health Overview

American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children and adolescents face considerable hurdles from birth that stem from historical trauma, health inequities, socioeconomic barriers and racism—and yet they endure with proper support.

Compared with the general US population, AI/AN children and adolescents have higher levels of obesity and obesity-related cardiovascular issues, mental health concerns, suicide, toxic stress, substance use disorder, injury and violence, exposure to environmental hazards and historical trauma.

Care for this special population presents a unique and complex clinical opportunity for pediatricians and other providers of pediatric care because of the high level of documented health inequities within a sociocultural context unfamiliar to most practicing providers of pediatric care.

Pediatricians can support the health and well-being of AI/AN children and adolescents and provide excellent patient care by using programs and interventions that incorporate AI/AN culture, tradition and practices.


AAP Recommendations

The AAP provides recommendations and guidelines to support pediatricians caring for American Indian and Alaska Native Children, Adolescents and Families. 

Demographics and Health Status of AI/AN Children

The following are links to reports which provide data on demographics and health status for American Indian/Alaska Native children.


Professional Tools and Resources

The following resources are designed to help you care for American Indian and Alaska Native Children.

Indigenous Health Special Interest Group

A free forum for all health care professionals and trainees with an interest in Native American Child Health.


Model Programs and Best Practices

The following programs, tools and resources represent model programs and/or best practices in American Indian/Alaska Native child health.  

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