Fact sheets from the AAP and other organizations are providing support and visual representation to pediatricians on critical information when working with families affected by opioid use. View or download these just-in-time materials to learn what you can do to engage and support mothers in recovery and build family resilience.

Substance Use and Plans of Safe Care (POSC): Implications for Pediatricians Mothers, and Infants
Questions and answers asked by pediatricians about the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act provisions around POSC.

Partner with Mothers to Seek and Support Recovery Post Prenatal Opioid Exposure
Access the infographic to learn about the pediatricians’ role in engaging mothers with OUD into treatment and recovery!

Poster on Safe Storage and Disposal of Medication
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Uso seguro de medicamentos en ninos y adolescentes: todos desempenamos un papel
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State and National Fact Sheets: America’s Opioid Crisis: The Unseen Impact on Children
State-by-state and national fact sheets examining the intersection of opioid epidemic, child welfare system and children health.

Thinking of prescribing an opioid? Did you check your state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP)?
The PDMP can help ensure you are making fully informed prescribing decisions!

Help Save Lives: Co-Prescribe Naloxone to Patients at Risk of Overdose
Timely administration of naloxone has saved thousands of lives!

Promote Safe Storage and Disposal of Opioids and All Medications
Learn the 3 steps to you can take!

Timeline of the Opioid Epidemic in America
Access a brief history of the events leading to the opioid epidemic!

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A Hidden Public Health Emergency Rising from the Opioid Epidemic