Chapter Oral Health Advocates (COHAs) are pediatricians or pediatric dentists appointed by their AAP Chapter President to work in their state and community to support oral health. COHAs work hard to educate others about oral health in the medical setting and advocate for children's oral health issues at the state and local levels.

Become a COHA

Interested in becoming a COHA? Please see the job description below and reach out to your local AAP Chapter President and Executive Director to confirm your appointment. States can have more than one COHA. You must be a member of the national AAP,  the Section on Oral Health, and your state AAP chapter. Please fill out our contact us form and attach your letter of confirmation when completing the form.

COHA Job Description

COHAs work within their chapter and community to promote improvements in pediatric oral health outcomes and practices.

Benefits of being a COHA:

  • Create change: You will make a difference in children’s oral health in your state by improving access to care.
  • Networking: You will meet oral health advocates across the nation from diverse backgrounds including dental colleagues, public health professionals, community advocates, families who are affected by dental disease, other primary care professionals, and more.
  • Be a leader within the field of oral health: You may be asked to be a speaker on a webinar, podcast, or other forums where oral health in primary care experts are sought.
  • Recognition: If desired, the AAP will formally acknowledge your service by sending a letter to your academic institution or organization.

General Requirements:

  • Be a member in good standing of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and local AAP Chapter.
  • Join the AAP Section on Oral Health. Membership is $20 per year for members of the AAP (in addition to National dues).
  • Be appointed into the role by the AAP Chapter President
  • Complete at least one of the following online trainings:
    • Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum, Module 6: Caries Risk Assessment, Fluoride Varnish, and Counseling.
    • State based online training activity about children's oral health and fluoride varnish.
  • Deliver oral health training annually in at least 2 forums, including Chapter meetings, practice in-service functions, grand rounds, state webinars, one-on-one peer guidance, and/or community, county, or state groups.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Campaign for Dental Health and the topic of community water fluoridation. Follow the Campaign for Dental Health Social Media Channels. Please see the Campaign’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Participate in the COHA Listserv.
  • Provide regular reports to your local AAP chapter and the AAP Section on Oral Health, including a description of oral health activities for the chapter's annual report.
  • Occupy the position for a three-year renewable term.

Roster of Chapter Oral Health Advocates (COHA)


Contact COHA

To contact the COHA, please fill out our Contact Us form. Please be sure to include your state when submitting your inquiry.

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