Tooth decay, which is almost completely preventable, is the most common chronic condition experienced by children, disproportionally affecting families with low incomes and in historically underserved communities. Native American/Alaska Native, Black and Latinx children have the highest incidence of untreated decay.

Water fluoridation is an equitable and inexpensive way to ensure that prevention of dental disease reaches everyone in a community. The American Academy of Pediatrics champions community water fluoridation (CWF) because it aligns with the AAP Equity Agenda

The AAP Campaign for Dental Health provides resources of fluoride and fluoridation for families and health professionals. Share the graphics, videos and other resources below with families to help prevent tooth decay. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Fluoride and Fluoridation

Use and share these resources to understand and address commonly asked questions about fluoride and fluoridation.


Discussing Fluoridation with Families and Caregivers

Patients rely on your advice to live healthier lives. These resources on water fluoridation for health professionals, available in Spanish and English, are accompanied by similar resources to provide to parents and caregivers.

Fluoride Safety: A Guide for Health Professionals

Fluorosis Facts: A Guide for Health Professionals

Say This, Not That: Tips for Talking about Community Water Fluoridation

Common Questions about Fluoride: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers

Fluorosis Facts: A Resource for Parents and Caregivers

Videos about Fluoridation

Share these videos with your patients and their families about the benefits of fluoride and community water fluoridation.


Community Water Fluoridation/Oral Health Posters

Print out these resources to help educate families and caregivers about oral health and community water fluoridation.

Why Do Children Need Fluoride?

Teach Them to Brush and Floss

Strengthen Your Body, One Glass at a Time

Oral Health Equity Begins with Community Water Fluoridation

Fluoride: Cavity Fighter

Oral Health Infographics and Videos

These resources are available in Spanish and English and feature infographics and videos on a variety of oral health topics.

Pediatricians LOVE babies and they love baby teeth!

Teens Need Their Teeth

Recipe for A Happy and Healthy Childhood

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Dental Care During Pregnancy is Safe and Important

Tooth Brushing Technique Graphic and Video Snippet

Tooth Decay Infographics for Targeted Audiences

American Indian and Alaska Native babies, toddlers and school-aged children experience more tooth decay than Mexican-American, Black or White children in the US. No one should suffer the pain of tooth decay. Here are some materials to provide families about preventing cavities.


Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

Protecting Your Teeth For A Lifetime

American Indian/Alaskan Native

Ways to prevent tooth decay

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