This page outlines the key components of effective school-based diabetes management and provides practical tips and resources to help schools and primary care providers improve care for students with diabetes.  

  • Good blood glucose control is critical for long-term health as well as for optimal academic outcomes—fluctuations in blood glucose levels can affect attention and information processing.
  • Students with diabetes have been found to miss more school, but adjustment to the disease and effective communication with the school increase attendance.
  • Training other school staff is a significant responsibility, and surveys have shown that school nurses lack confidence in this area. Studies have found that most teachers know little about the disease, and parents and students have reported challenges with teachers’ understanding.

Best Practice and Clinical Guidelines for School-Based Diabetes Management 

  • Safe at School, American Diabetes Association 
    Includes training modules on diabetes care tasks, posters, diabetes medical management plan and emergency care plans, and tips for teachers and school nurses 
  • Colorado Kids with Diabetes, Colorado Kids with Diabetes Care and Prevention Collaborative 
    Includes standards and guidelines, a school nurse toolkit section, training for staff, and resources for providers, families, and teachers 
  • School Nursing Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline: Students with Type 1 Diabetes Toolkit
    (Will need to create a free account to access the toolkit)
    Toolkit designed to help school nurses implement evidence-based recommendations for improving the health and safety of school-aged children with T1D.


Policy Statement

School-based health centers can be an excellent resource for diagnosis, education, treatment, and care coordination. See the American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement on this topic for more information about coordination between school-based health centers, primary care, and school health services. 

Key components of diabetes management in schools

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