This page outlines the key components of effective school-based seizure management and provides practical tips and resources to help schools and primary care providers improve care for students with seizure disorders.  

  • Approximately 6 out of 1,000 students in the US have epilepsy.
  • Seizures are the third most common school emergency. 
  • A timely and appropriate response to seizures in schools is critical to ensuring the safety of students with seizure disorders.  
  • Surveys indicate that many nurses are not confident in managing seizures, and that other school staff lack knowledge and training in seizure management. 

Best Practice and Clinical Guidelines for School-Based Management of Seizure Disorder 

Key Components of Seizure Management in Schools

Other Resources

Collaboration to Support Students with Chronic Conditions, National Association of School Nurses
Compilation of resources on chronic condition management in schools
Strengthen & Enhance Epilepsy Knowledge (SEEK) Training for Medical Residents
The National Coordinating Center for Epilepsy has a free, ready-to-use epilepsy training modules for medical residents and trainees.
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