Thank you for your interest in the APEX Teaching Program. Participants will be chosen via a thorough peer-review process.

The applicant must be committed to attending two consecutive conferences. For more information on the timing and location of the conferences refer to the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference website and the Pediatric Academic Societies Conference website.

The applicant must also be prepared to participate in both independent and online instruction during the months between the conferences. The applicant must identify a local mentor, or request assistance in finding one. Upon acceptance to the program, the applicant is expected to meet with the identified mentor on a quarterly basis, either in person or via phone/web-conference, to discuss progress towards meeting teaching goals. In addition, the mentor will observe and provide feedback for at least two of the applicant's teaching sessions. If necessary, teaching sessions can be video-recorded and shared with mentor at a later date.

To learn more about the APEX Teaching Program, check out this informational webinar.

The application period for the APEX Teaching Program anchored at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Conference runs from September 15 through November 15. This track is open to general pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, or pediatric surgical specialists. Deadline for PAS Track is January 29, 2024.

The application period for the APEX Teaching Program anchored at the Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) Conference runs from November 15 through January 15. This track is restricted to pediatric hospitalists or advanced practice providers who specialize in hospital care. Deadline for PHM Track is January 29, 2024.

Access the APEX Application Here

Mentor Agreement

Supervisory Agreement

APEX (co-anchored at PAS)

Audience: ​General pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, or pediatric surgical specialists

Application Period: ​September-November

Notification Period: December

Program Start: April

​APEX (co-anchored at PHM)

Audience: ​​Pediatric hospitalists or advanced practice providers who specialize in hospital care

Application Period: November-January

Notification Period: February 

Program Start: July

Testimonials from APEX Graduates

"APEX was an invaluable experience. It not only helped to solidify my bedside teaching skills, but more importantly created opportunities to connect with other educators and education scholars."
Stephanie DeLeon, MD, The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center

"APEX was an incredible opportunity to learn from master clinician educators as well as create future collaborations with other clinician educators from across the country.  I would highly recommend this program to any physician looking to grow their teaching skills and learn from others!"
Sara Boblick Smith, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago 

"The skills gained and wonderful connections made by participating in the APEX program have helped me establish myself as an educational leader at my institution. I am very grateful for the huge impact it has had on my career as a pediatric educator."
Whitney Browning, MD,  Monroe Carrel Junior Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

"The networking opportunities have been the most valuable aspect of APEX for me. Through APEX, I have become part of a national network of educator colleagues that has led to multiple national workshop collaborations. Since my participation in APEX, I have had many opportunities at both the local and national level that have truly helped develop my career."
Sarah Denniston, MD, Baylor College of Medicine/The Children's Hospital of San Antonio 

"This program really opened my eyes to medical education and was an excellent way for an early career educator to improve their teaching but also work with like-minded educators and share ideas."
Stephen Pishko, MD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center/Lebonheur Children's Hospital

"The APEX teaching program was an excellent opportunity to shape and improve my teaching skills, and it was an easy fit in my busy life and career."
Suha Alkadry, MD, Pediatric Residency Program, Orlando Health

For questions about the application process please contact APEX Administrator here.

For questions about the APEX Program, or if you are unable to find a local mentor, please contact Nicole Paradise Black, MD, MEd, FAAP, here.

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