Breastfeeding Curriculum

Why use this curriculum?

  • Breastfeeding is best for the health of infants and mothers.
  • As more mothers are choosing to breastfeed, more physicians need to have the skills to support them.
  • Being able to successfully handle any issue related to breastfeeding leads to a stronger doctor-patient bond, and better outcomes.
  • When families get the help they need, the more we reduce health disparities that impact infants from the start.

This curriculum was developed to help all residents develop confidence and skills in breastfeeding care.

Presentations, videos, case studies and other resources can be incorporated into existing Pediatric, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetric/Gynecologic and other residency or fellowship program curricula. Parts of the curriculum may be appropriate for medical school, advanced practice provider and allied health curricula.

The Breastfeeding Curriculum

Select a curriculum topic below to get started.


Guide to Curriculum

The curriculum has been organized based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Core Competencies. Whether you implement 1 activity or 20, you are helping trainees to develop confidence and skills to help breastfeeding infants and families.

Each curriculum topic has the following structure:

Essential Activities

The Essential Activities are what you should strive to complete with every resident.

Additional Activities

The Additional Activities are provided to give more options if time allows. It is strongly encouraged that you evaluate residents on these activities.


Evaluation will help residents know how they are doing and will help you keep track of their progress. The evaluation tools are effective in evaluating residents as well as the breastfeeding residency curriculum as a whole.

Helpful Tools

The following tools are here to help you along the way.

Data Collection Guide

Data Collection Tool: This guide will help you to collect breastfeeding data at your hospital at discharge and at 6 months.

Patient Care Evaluation: ACGME Core Competencies

Evaluation Tool: This form can be used to measure the residents' proficiency in providing breastfeeding care according to the ACGME Core Competencies.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination Case Study

Teaching Tool: This case study can be used to evaluate the resident's ability to communicate with a mother during a visit. It encompasses many of the skills that will have been learned throughout the curriculum and would be useful as a live cumulative exam.*

Breastfeeding Curriculum Resources

This page outlines resources included in all five of the Breastfeeding Curriculum modules.

Residency or school faculty: Tell us about your program's current breastfeeding education.

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