Steps for Renewing Instructor Status 

An NRP instructor in good standing remains an NRP instructor as long as the maintenance requirements are met before the instructor renewal date every 2 years. The NRP instructor must complete the steps below at some point before their renewal date, which is the last day of the month in which your NRP Instructor status was first attained. NRP Instructors at an RQI for NRP hospital should also maintain their Essentials eCredential.

  • Teach or co-teach 2 Instructor-led Events
  • Purchase access (or get access through your institution's administrator) to the NRP 8th edition Instructor Renewal curriculum
  • Successfully complete the online instructor activities
    • Essentials Online Learning Assessment
    • Advanced Online Learning Assessment
    • Instructor Course
    • Algorithm Activity
    • Instructor-speciļ¬c exam
    • Course Survey

If an instructor's status expires prior to meeting these maintenance requirements, they must meet the current instructor eligibility requirements, apply to be an instructor candidate, and complete all current edition requirements to attain instructor status.

Instructor Mentor

Instructor Mentors focus on hands-on instruction, simulation, communication, and teamwork with their Instructor Candidates. The instructional component has shifted from the Regional Trainer to the online course.

This standardized training ensures that Instructor Candidates are more prepared. It also saves Instructor Mentors valuable time. Any active instructor who has taught at least 4 courses is qualified to be a mentor. All instructors who meet the eligibility requirements are automatically identified as potential Instructor Mentors unless they opt out.

Instructor Candidate

NRP providers who want to become NRP instructor candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have current NRP 8th edition Advanced Provider status. (required)
  • Be a physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, respiratory care practitioner, physician assistant, certified midwife, or certified nurse midwife with experience in the hospital or accredited birth center care of newborns. (required)
  • Have current maternal-child educational or clinical responsibility within a hospital or accredited birth center setting. (required)
  • Have ongoing experience caring for newborns in the delivery room or accredited birth center. (recommended)

Process to Become an Instructor

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