The skills videos on this page provide step-by-step instructions on topics like CPAP in the delivery room, performing and assisting with endotracheal intubation, epinephrine and volume expanders, plus much more. These videos are great refreshers for everyone and can serve as a standardized instructor skill demonstration during an instructor-led event. Check them out and share them with your colleagues.


CPAP in the Delivery Room

This video demonstrates administration of CPAP as part of delivery room resuscitation.



Positive-Pressure Ventilation with Face Mask/Free Flow Oxygen and Orogastric Tube Placement

This video demonstrates positive-pressure ventilation using a PPV device and a face mask.


Laryngeal Mask

This video covers uses and limitations of a laryngeal mask and demonstrates insertion and removal of the device.



Chest Compressions

This video demonstrates cardiac compressions during neonatal resuscitation.



Performing and Assisting with Endotracheal Intubation

Part one of the video demonstrates endotracheal intubation and the responsibilities of both the intubator and the assistant. Part two demonstrates use of the tracheal aspirator/meconium aspirator.


3x3 Method for Placing Emergency Umbilical Venous Catheters

This video demonstrates the 3x3 method for placing an emergency umbilical venous catheter (UVC).


PPV Terminology and Devices

This video covers PPV terminology and attributes of PPV devices.



Epinephrine and Volume Expanders

This video demonstrates how to draw up epinephrine and volume expander and administer them through an emergency umbilical venous catheter.


Intraosseous Needle1.jpg

Intraosseous Needle Insertion

This video demonstrates how to insert an intraosseous needle to administer medication or fluid.





This video demonstrates the MR. SOPA ventilation corrective steps.



positive pressure ventilation.jpg

Positive-Pressure Ventilation with Flow-Inflating Bag

This video demonstrates the delivery of positive-pressure ventilation using a flow-inflating bag.


pulse oximetry.png

Pulse Oximetry

This video explains when and how to use pulse oximetry.



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