The electronic health record (EHR) can be a critical component of your practice's quality improvement efforts. Integrating the Bright Futures Guidelines into your EHR system can ensure that your patients receive all Bright Futures-recommended preventive services, screens, and tests.

Incorporating Bright Futures recommendations into your EHR system also has financial benefits, because the system ensures that staff members provide documentation to support billing, including developmental screens such as ASQ and MCHAT. Moreover, EHR documentation can be useful when completing the American Board of Pediatrics Performance in Practice (Part 4) component of Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Some practices already have incorporated Bright Futures components into their EHR systems. The AAP provides assistance, tools, and advocacy to support all members in successfully adopting and using an EHR system in a variety of pediatric care settings. To incorporate Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit forms into an EHR system, please contact us.

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