The following Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit materials are available for download for review and reference purposes only. For any other use, to make multiple copies of specific items, or to incorporate forms into an Electronic Medical Record System, please contact institutions.

Tools and Resources for Infancy visits are grouped into the following 2 categories:

Infancy Core Tools Grouped by Visit in English and Spanish

  • Previsit Questionnaires: Help determine what the family would like to discuss during the health supervision visit (in conjunction with the Bright Futures visit priorities), initiate recommended medical screening with integrated risk assessment questions, obtain developmental​ surveillance information, and identify topics for anticipatory guidance discussion. Each questionnaire is written in plain language to ensure the information is clear, concise, relevant, and easy to understand​.
  • Visit Documentation Forms: Provide a convenient resource to document activities during a typical health supervision visit, simplify proper coding, and help secure appropriate payment for each visit's activities.
  • Parent/Patient Educational Handouts: Help guide anticipatory guidance and reinforce key messages (organized around the 5 priorities in each visit) for the family. ​Each educational handout is written in plain language to ensure the information is clear, concise, relevant, and easy to understand.​

    NOTE: To review the Parent/Patient Educational Handouts separate from the other Core Tools, go to the Well-Child Visits: Parent and Patient Education​​ webpage.

Toolkit Forms

3-5 Day Visit (English)    3-5 Day Visit (Spanish)

1 Month Visit (English) 1 Month Visit (Spanish)

2 Month Visit (English) 2 Month Visit (Spanish)

4 Month Visit (English) 4 Month Visit (Spanish)

6 Month Visit (English) 6 Month Visit (Spanish)

9 Month Visit (English) 9 Month Visit (Spanish) 

Infancy Medical Screening Reference (MSR) Tables for Clinician Use

These Medical Screening Reference Tables have been revised and are consistent with the Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents, 4th Edition.

  • Provides an easy-to-use reference table for each Bright Futures well-child visit. Each table compiles the relevant history, risk assessment questions, and action to take if the risk assessment shows a positive result.
  • Access the revised MSR Tables for all infancy visits.​
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