Achieving Bright Futures

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Achieving Bright Futures

​Implementation of the ACA Pediatrics Preventive Services Provision

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) recognized the importance of preventive care for children by including a critical provision to ensure that children enrolled in all individual and group non-grandfathered health care plans receive the gold standard of preventive care—all preventive care screenings and services recommended by the AAP/Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents without cost-sharing.

Please note: These documents currently include references to ICD-9 codes. They are in the process of being updated to ICD-10. If you need ICD-10 references immediately, please consult the Bright Futures Coding and Preventive Medicine fact sheets.
Introduction: Achieving Bright Futures (PDF)
Complete Set of Visit Coding Documents (PDF)

Infancy Coding Documents
Prenatal Visit (PDF) 
Newborn Visit (PDF)
3-5 Day Visit (PDF) 
1 Month Visit (PDF)
2 Month Visit (PDF) 
4 Month Visit (PDF)
6 Month Visit (PDF)
9 Month Visit (PDF)

Early Childhood Coding Documents
12 Month Visit (PDF)
15 Month Visit (PDF)
18 Month Visit (PDF) 
24 Month Visit (PDF)
30 Month Visit (PDF)

Middle Childhood Coding Documents
3 Year Visit (PDF)
4-5 Year Visit (PDF)
6 Year Visit (PDF) 
7 Year Visit (PDF)
8 Year Visit (PDF)
9 Year Visit (PDF)
10 Year Visit (PDF)

Adolescence Coding Documents
11 Year Visit (PDF) 
12 Year Visit (PDF)
13-14 Year Visit (PDF)
15-17 Year Visit (PDF) 
18-21 Year Visit (PDF)

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