Professional Courtesy and the Law

Professional Courtesy and the Law


Professional courtesy, the provision of medical care without charge or at discounted rates to physicians and their immediate families.  It is sometimes extended to other health care professionals and employees.  

The longstanding tradition of professional courtesy in medicine has come under scrutiny under today's legal constraints and changing perspectives among physicians. 

Explanation of Common Legal Issues
Various legal risks impact the advisability of extending professional courtesy.  Several are covered here, but additional laws and contracts may apply.  Seeking legal advice is prudent for guidance applicable to your specific situation. 

Liability Risks
A convenient summary of common liability risks pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists, and  pediatric surgical specialists


Advertising Disclaimer
The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, it is  for general informational purposes only.  Readers should contact their attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter.  

Portions of this article were published in the AAP publication SOAPMNews, Fall  2010.