The Community Pediatrics Training Initiative (CPTI) improves child health by preparing pediatricians to be effective leaders and advocates through development of authentic community partnerships to impact systems and policy change for children. We do this by providing faculty development opportunities and resources, strengthening advocacy training and curricula, and encouraging collaboration across institutions to accelerate advocacy on behalf of children.

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CPTI Advocacy Portfolio

The CPTI Advocacy Portfolio is a tool that will allow faculty to organize and catalogue their work in engagement with Communities/Community Based Organizations, Leadership, and Health Systems, Legislative/Policy, and Media Advocacy. This advocacy portfolio can be used as both a formative and a summative tool, helping create a roadmap for faculty to document the success and impact of their work in the community health and advocacy realm. Faculty can use the advocacy portfolio to both guide their work, and to tell their story.

Advocacy Portfolio Academic Careers in Advocacy Article

CPTI Pillar Workgroups

Join one or more of our workgroups to help prepare pediatricians to be effective leaders and advocates by improving faculty development opportunities, enhancing community partnerships, and learning how to work for policy change.

- Leadership & Career Development (Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Erickson, MD, FAAP & Lauren Gambill, MD, MPA, FAAP)

- Curriculum & Assessment (Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Hanson, MD, FAAP & Carmela Sosa, MD, FAAP)

- Networks & Collaboratives (Co-Chairs: Sandy McKay, MD, FAAP & Christin Traba, MD, MPH, FAAP)

To learn more, please view the flyer and slides. All experience levels welcome.

Resources and Tools

Community Health and Advocacy Milestones Profile (CHAMP)

This peer-reviewed tool allows users to map community health and advocacy curricula to competencies and milestones. By doing so, program leaders can identify strengths and weaknesses in their training programs and demonstrate the value of their curricula in terms of assessment of competence towards the milestones.​

Project Planning Tool

This tool engages residents in a guided learning activity to gain the skills necessary to plan, implement and evaluate a child health advocacy project.

Advocacy Guide and Training Materials

These materials contain tips, tools, and recent real world examples to help pediatricians of all backgrounds create positive and lasting change on behalf of children.

From Our Partners: APA U.S. Child Poverty Curriculum

A series of 4 stand-alone modules developed by the Academic Pediatric Association to promote understanding of the impact of poverty and other social determinants of health on child well-being. Modules focus on the epidemiology of child poverty, social determinants of health, the biomedical influences of poverty and advocacy.


Learn more about the current advocacy training grants and visting professorship grants offered by CPTI.

6 Drivers of Success for Community Health and Advocacy Education in Pediatrics

Explore these drivers to consider the strengths of your program and find resources for further development.​​​​

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